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SynthSavvy is your go-to source for finding everything from the world of Synths. We, at SynthSavvy, are self-confessed synth aficionados who have a penchant for all things Synth, be it: Audio Plugins (VST/AU/VSTi), Keyboards, and Music Production.

We have music producers, keyboardists and audio pundits from different parts of the world chiming in and contributing their expert advice as well as content on this site so that fellow Synth enthusiasts like you can get authentic information. From the latest Synth VST plugins, music production tips, and buying guides, to quirky facts about all types of Synthesis techniques.

To answer all your varied questions specifically, we have tailor-made categories for Free VST, Premium VST plugins, Sample Packs, Keyboard Reviews and more so that readers can find information on the best synth gear to buy via our articles on very subjective topics from the realm of audio synthesis.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading through the site, as much as we enjoyed compiling it, and find the information helpful to best suit your needs. For all business and business related inquiries please contact us: [email protected]

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What we talk about?

We touch upon all types of audio synthesis related topics including but not limited to:

The latest advancements in music technology in synths and keyboards.

Music Production and the latest audio plugins

How to incorporate the latest tech in your business

Our objectives

We, at SynthSavvy, take immense pride in providing authentic information that:

Informs, inspires and educates fellow musicians around the world

Provides in-depth music gear reviews that bring you value

Continuously improve and deliver the best content that covers synths and various facets of music production.

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