5+ Best Drum VST for EDM in 2024

Sampling drums has been an intrinsic part of modern music production especially in dance music. If you are an EDM producer looking for the best Drum vst for EDM projects, you are at the right place.

Although sampled drum sounds and drum plugins have permeated into other genres as well, EDM remains their staple genre. We have done a rundown of the best drum VST for EDM that you can integrate into your mixes to bolster a solid drum groove or to support the main melody of the track. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Drum VST for EDM 2024

1) XLN Audio Addictive Drums

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With a huge repository of over 20 drum kits, 5,000 beats (based on BPM and genre) and an extensive drum library, Addictive Drums is a top-tier plugin for sampling drums, creating custom beats, grooves and more.

You can even build your own drum kit from the ground up thanks to its smooth and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can customize the intricate details of each snare, hi-hat, cymbal kick drum hit by tweaking their time, tempo and feel.

Not to mention, a nifty onboard sampler where you can edit tons of parameters for each kit piece. We are talking about the likes of EQ, delay, distortion, reverb, transient shaping, and compression and the like.

Moreover, of you want to widen the scope of your drum tracks, Addictive Drums also features a parallel processing bus.

2) FXpansion BFD 3 Virtual Drumkit

An expansive drumkit with more than 40 expansion kits, BFD 3 Virtual Drumkit by FXpansion offers endless potential for creating beats.

This slick drum plugin comes in handy for producing beats for not just EDM but a number of other genres as well.

You will find raw and processed samples that are worth 160+ GB. Plus, you can tweak intricate details of each sample with over 80 velocity layers. All in all, BFD3 Virtual Drumkit is one of the best drum VST for EDM producers.

3) Arturia Spark 2

Are you a fan of vintage drums and retro beats? Look no further than Arturia’s Spark 2 that features a dazzling array of drum libraries of vintage drum machines. 

If you like the old-school drum sound, the Spark should definitely be on your radar.

With more than 2800 eclectic drum sounds to choose from as well as a range of patterns and banks, producing drum tracks has never been so easy for professional sound designers.

4) Drumazon 2

Modelled on the  Roland TR-909, Drumazon 2 by D16 is an authentic-sounding drum machine that offers realistic recreation of analog drum sounds.

All the modules in Drumazon 2 are synthesized to match individual instruments with utmost accuracy.

For starters, Drumazon 2 allows infinite tweakage down to the details. You can alter the pitch and tune depth of kick drums, as well as adjust the decay times.

In short, you can transform your 909 kicks into expansive 808-style subs to create some interesting beats with Drumazon at the helm.

5) Heavyocity DM-307

Heavyocity is a renowned VST maker and their drum plugin DM-307 doesn’t disappoint one bit.

At par with other popular Kontakt instruments from Heavyocity such as Gravity and Forzo, the DM-307 offers a melange of samples that include analog, modular synth drums and live percussion. 

With 1,500 presets and 3,600 drum sounds to fiddle around with, you can drop sick beats for your next chart-topper in a jiffy.

Further, the DM-307 can be harnessed to produce drums in any genres of music such as EDM, hip-hop, industrial, cinematic, ska, funk and more.

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