4+ Best Loop Slicer VST Plugins in 2023

Loop slicer plugins are in demand nowadays because of their ability to finely chop down your audio recordings into multiple layered tracks with some exciting effects thrown in the mix. If you were looking for the best loop slicer VST plugins, then read on.

Loop Slicers can also come in handy for slicing up samples which can be sequenced in the step sequencer inside your DAW. Some of the best loop slicer VST plugins on our list can be used for creating beats, layering synths and much more. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

4 Best Loop Slicer VST 2023

1) Looperator

loop slicer VST

Looperator is a nifty plugin that can chop up your audio tracks into layered parts with tons of add-on effects such as Filters, Reverbs, and warped delays to craft some unique and interesting sounds right on the go.

Especially if you want to incorporate loops and stutter edits on the go inside your DAW, Looperator should definitely be on your radar.

Thanks to its precision-based slicer tool, you can create layered tracks that sound as if you worked for hours on end, but in reality it took you a couple of minutes only.

To get started with Looperator, you can re-arrange audio material with the Slicer or use built-in smart random algorithms and presets to generate sequences that sound balanced and human-like.

Not to mention, Looperator offers detailed programming, and MIDI integration.

At its core, Looperator is a simple and easy to use slicer VST with a neat and clean graphical user interface that offers features such as Looper in reverse mode, 16 step sample slicer, 5 parameters per effect, time stretch and talk box filters.

2) HY-Slicer 2

loop slicer VST

As the name suggests, HY plugins’ Slicer 2 can slice samples in up to 32 parts which can then be sequenced in the step sequencer which is used for triggering samples.

What’s more, you can tweak tons of editable parameters in each sliced part for in-depth and granular editing control.

Not to mention, you can run sliced samples into a FX chain comprising drive, compression, EQ, Delay and more.

All in all, Slicer 2 is one of the best loop slicer VST that also comes with a Groove Editor, File Browser, Randomizer, Pattern Chainer, Step Sequencer, Sample Slicer, Re-orderable FX chain, resizable graphic user interface and more.

3) Egoist

best loop slicer VST

Suger Bytes’ Egoist is a groovebox VST that can accomplish many tasks. For starters, Egoist comes with a Slicer, bassline editor, track sketching tool, Song arranger, multi effect sequencer, and a nifty drum machine.

Speaking of Slicers, you can apply a total of 7 effects processors to your sliced beats such as Delay, Reverb, Filter, Lo-Fi, Chorus, Tape Stop and Looper and more.

What’s more, the Slicer comes with a monophonic mode and you can arrange up to 16 slices in one instance with access to detailed and granular control for immaculate workflows.

With a whopping sample library of over 400 sounds, new drumkits, tons of presets, beatbox with Hi-hat, snare and kick and 303 basslines for unlimited groove composition.

If you are beginner, you can simply check out Egoist’s finely-produced 200 presets.

4) Initial Slice

best loop slicer VST

Rounding up our list is Initial Slice, a loop slicer and beat making plugin that lets users drag and drop audio loops for slicing, pitch shifting, reversing or even time-stretching them.

You can create intricate sequences right inside the built in snazzy piano roll editors of Initial Slice.

What’s more, Initial Slice comes with over 300 loops, 300 beat starters, 160 drum samples, drum sequencer, bass sequencer, and 4 effect racks with 11 inbuilt effects making it a formidable Loop Slicer at your disposal.

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