5+ Best VST for EDM in 2024

Producing Electronic Dance Music or EDM requires a fair amount of technical know-how and experience. You can either do this the hard way by taking years of time or make short work of EDM music production with the best VST for EDM at your command.

This high energy level genre of music requires the right type of samples and plugins. Fret not, we have scoured the best VST for EDM from the internet that are a must have in any upcoming EDM producer’s toolbox. These VSTs include bass, synths, effects and mixing plugins. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best VST for EDM 2024

1) Spire

Spire is a hybrid subtractive synth by Reveal Sound. Sporting an intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface, and a barrage of waveshaping capabilities, 4 oscillators, Spire provides a lot of value to EDM producers.

What’s more, Spire’s flexible modulation architecture is second to none. Not to mention, its superior mod matrix with up to 15 matrix slots, 4 LFOs, 4 Envelopes that make Spire a solid synth for EDM production.

In fact, each oscillator in Spire has multiple synthesis modes as well as sample-based waveforms. Users have the option to customize and mix the sampled tones with various synthesis modes to open up limitless soundscaping possibilities. 

2) Loopmasters Bass Master

One of the prominent features of great EDM songs is a defining bass groove. Loopmasters’s Bass Master fits the bill just right when it comes to sprinkling your audio tracks with their monophonic offering. You can do it all from: applying compression, dynamic staging to layering immaculate synths. 

With 2 oscillators, a Top and a Sub, BassMaster can parallelly process sounds where the Top adds expressive elements in the upper spectrum and Sub retains a solid sound.

You can also choose from over 217 presets such as percussive one-shots and analog samples for a more streamlined sound design. All together, BassMaster is the best VST for laying down tight heavy basslines in EDM production.

3) FabFilter Pro Q3

Renowned plugin maker FabFilter’s Pro Q3 is a top-tier dynamic equalizer that allows frequency-based processing where attack, release and ratio in all frequency bands are fully automated for a smoother and faster workflow.

Inside the Pro Q3, one can expect the staple FabFilter EQ controls with insightful analysis, unique curves and intelligent sound-shaping power at your command.

Better still, apart from its intelligent frequency analysis algorithm Pro-Q 3’s also makes sure that you can even turn off the automation per whim.

4) Audiority Xenoverb

Audiority’s Xenoverb is touted by many as a versatile algorithm reverb processor. With over ten switches and parameters, you can pretty much craft all kinds of sonic space and creative reverb sounds with Xenoverb at the helm.

It comprises 8 primary parameters namely: Time, Pre-Delay, Tone, Bloom, Modulation, Diffuse, LF Cut, and Mix. Below them you’ll find 3 switches: Freeze, Active and limiter.

The Freeze function can create a multitude of interesting loops in the internal buffer. With a bit of tinkering around with the Freeze switch, you can dial-in with some quirky and unnatural reverb space sounds.

5) SoundToys Echo Boy

Rounding up our list of the best VST for EDM is Echo Boy by SoundToys. This vintage echo effects plugin offers a plethora of rhythmic possibilities and warm saturation than you will never find in most run-of-the-mill echo plugins. 

Buoyed by a streamlined graphical user interface with old school ethos, Echo Boy allows users to add Saturation, change Echo Time in milliseconds, and even prevent phase cancellation issues via its nifty Prime Numbers switch.

You can shape the rhythmic aspects of Echo effect through Groove and Feel knobs wherein Groove lets you tweak the echoes’ Shuffle and Swing as per taste.

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