5+ Best Bass Synth VST Plugins in 2023 (Review)

The soul of any great song invariably lies in the low-end, that is the bass range. Whether you’re bopping to EDM music at the club or headbanging at a rock concert, without any action in the lower frequency spectrum, bass range, any song would feel empty and weak. Which is why, we have done a rundown of the best bass synth VST that can spruce up the low end of your audio tracks.

With the right plugins for the job, you can infuse a new lease of life in your tracks no matter what genre of music you produce. So are you ready to find out the best bass synth VST plugins that specialize in all types of low-end variations? Without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Bass Synth VST 2023

1) TAL-Bassline 101

An emulation of the legendary analog synth Roland SH 101, TAL-Bassline 101 is a splendid digital recreation that pretty much provides the same punchy, and tight basslines.

Although primarily a monophonic plugin, Bassline 101 also incorporates a nifty polyphonic feature, where you can operate using up to six voices for a fuller and enhanced sound.

Bassline 101’s oscillators can produce a raw, and analog sound that packs in a lot of character and muscle without using any samples.

Not to mention, an array of effects and filters that are useful for polishing your sound per taste make Tal-Bassline 101 a must-have in your arsenal of bass plugins.

2) Cylcop

If you are a fan of groovy sub bass wobble sounds that are a staple of dubstep and various EDM genres, then Cyclop is one of the best bass synth VST that should be on your radar.

This monophonic digital Bass synth can produce thick cutting-edge low-end sounds. Cyclop features a nifty wobble knob through which you can filter parameters at a tempo-synced rate and choose any number of LFO shapes for modulation.

What’s more, Cyclop also boasts an automation recorder and 16-step sequencer to achieve those mangled sound effects.

With over 800 presets, and an option to import your own samples as wavetables, Cyclop ensures that you never run out of creative ideas.

3) Phoscyon 2

Modelled on the classic bass-line synth, Roland TB-303, Phoscyon 2 is suitable for producing acid bass sounds. What’s more, Phoscyon 2 features a gamut of new additions such as arpeggiator, randomizer, sequencer and a raw distortion unit.

Similar to the original analog synth, the core engine of Phoscyon 2 comprises a mixture of saw and square waves with a 18 dB/ octave low-pass filter.

All in all, the digital recreation of classic 303 sounds becomes a reality with Phoscyon 2 which comes at an affordable price point. 

4) Chris Hein Bass

Expect unmatched realistic bass sounds that were recorded via 4,000 different samples while making the Chris Hein bass plugin. It boasts an a heady assortment of Fretless, Upright and E-bass instruments that come in handy for crafting authentic bass sounds.

The focus on intricate details is praiseworthy as each note was recorded by catching different velocity levels, various playing styles, and organic artifacts discernible to the human ear. Hence, your bass tracks will sound like a naturally recorded version in a real-world setting. Please note that Chris Hein Bass runs on Kontakt Player. 

5) Ample Bass P Lite 2

Rounding up our list of the best synth bass VST is Ample Bass P Lite 2, a great sounding electric bass plugin that is available free of cost.

With over 12 realistic articulations to choose from (such as bass slaps, string slides, etc.), you can easily give your bass tracks a realistic feel. 

An emulation of the iconic Fender Precision Bass, Ample Bass P lite 2 can sculpt organic bass sounds suitable for genres such as rock, jazz, pop, funk, ska and more. 

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