Lofi Samples in 2022

LoFi is all the rage nowadays. From the breezy synthrave, Lofi House to ambient trap, one can hear LoFi coursing through genres aplenty. If you are a LoFi producer looking for some inspiration, rejoice! We have done a rundown of some of the best Lofi samples that you can mangle to craft your own unique sound.

These Lofi Samples also incorporate familiar lofi beats to relax or study to. Our list comprises both free and premium lofi loops, sample packs that you can simply throw in your DAW or sampler such as EXS24, Kontakt, you name it. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Lofi Samples 2022

1) Eternity Vintage Collection

Emulating the vintage tape sound is no easy feat. But, the Eternity Vintage Collection does a splendid job in capturing the characteristic sound of classic hip-hop albums such as Enter the Wu-Tang and The Infamous.

For starters, Eternity Vintage Collection boasts Analog processed drums, samples for Lofi that were recorded with reel to reel tape machines, and real cassette recorders. With 100+ Lofi Drum One Shots, 15+ Lofi Bass One Shots, 60+ Lofi Drum Drum Loops & Fills, 50+ Vocals and 170+ Lofi Piano Samples, Guitar and Harp Loops, you can expect to find a treasure trove of Lofi hit making ingredients in this affordable sample pack. 

2) LoFi Drum Kit

If you are a beginner learning the ropes of Lofi music production, LoFi Drum Kit should definitely be on your radar. 

It comprises tons of nifty drum loops, 20 MIDI files, lofi samples, 60 Lofi drum one shots, and 20 melody loops that will invariably come in handy for producing Lofi beats. All together, Lofi Drum Kit is one of the best lofi samples that you can get your hands on.

3) Life Ambient Recordings

Producing Lofi music involves the technique of layering of tracks with mellow natural sound FX. We are talking about the likes of city sounds, rain, river streams, Ocean waves, rain, etc. Life Ambient recordings is a nifty sample pack that delivers sounds which open up a myriad of opportunities to match any mood or ambience.

LIFE boasts samples that are highly realistic, incredibly versatile and gel well with other genres besides lofi music.

4) Lofi Deluxe Collection

If you are seeking some “offbeat” lofi samples that are a pleasant departure from the often tried and tested path, then the Lofi Deluxe collection is worth a gander. 

Comprising a melange of drum loops, 36 Bass & 808 Samples, 90 drum one shots, 30+ Full Drum Loops, 85 MIDI files, 10 percussion loops, 10 hi-hat loops, 15+ vocal chops, and lofi piano samples, Lofi Deluxe Collection is a premium library of industry grade lofi samples. 

What’s more, it also includes live guitars, vintage synths and pianos to complete the collection.

5) Rhodes Sample Pack

Emulating the iconic Rhodes Piano from the 1970s, Rhodes Sample pack is a must have for analog pain sound lovers. This nifty sample pack includes Multiple Lofi Samples, 6 Dry Melody loops, Chord One Shots and 5 Tape Processed Melody loops

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