5+ Best Free Ableton Plugins in 2023

While Ableton Live has some decent stock plugins, they don’t quite offer much in certain stages of music production such as mixing or mastering. Fret not, we have done a rundown of some of the best free Ableton Plugins that will take your audio tracks to the next level no matter what genre you produce in. 

The best free ableton plugins in our list run the gamut from lush soft synths, dynamic compressors to 8-bit music tone sculptors that widen your songs’ sonic depth and present a new creative dimension. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5+ Best Free Ableton Plugins 2023

1) Spitfire LABS

LABS by Spitfire Audio is a VST plugin suite that features some of the finest sounding plugins encompassing choirs, strings to synth pads and keys.

These free plugins are raw, and natural-sounding and come in handy for adding some emotion to your audio tracks. What’s more, LABS is updated with monthly releases of new plugins that can be downloaded as soon as they are released. Stoked!

2) Granulator

Are you a fan of glitchy sounds and ambient pads? Granulator is one of the best free ableton plugins that can throw some quirky glitch effects and atmospheric textures to your tracks via a constant stream of short crossfading samples emanating from a source sound. 

3) RoughRider3

A mainstay in the realm of free compressor VSTs with millions of downloads over a decade, RoughRider 3 includes an external sidechain input, precision-based metering and the nifty feature where you can turn off inbuilt “warming” filter ( that is, the Full Bandwidth button).

4) ValhallaDSP SuperMassive

ValhallaDSP is a popular reverb plugin maker on the market. It’s brand new iteration of SuperMassive, a lush and warm reverb with a dash of delay doesn’t disappoint either. 

You can expect to hear some atmospheric swells, ambient delays, and mellow feedback with the SuperMassive reverb.

5) CamelCrusher

Rounding up our list of the best free ableton plugins is CamelCrusher that comes in handy for beefing up your bass and drums tracks. 

Simply combine Camelcrusher’s twin distortions to create fat, rich snare and kick drum tones. Not to mention, a ton of presets and a randomize feature to derive some songwriting inspiration from. CamelCrusher has the right amount of tools to get your musical ideas flowing.

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