5+ Best Strings VST Plugins in 2023

A string section can bring out the evocative aspect of your music. No matter what genre of music you produce, you can add epic orchestral sounds to your production to infuse emotion and feel into your tracks. You can accomplish this feat with some great strings VST plugins at your disposal. While recording with a real orchestra will cost you lots of money, Strings VST alleviate this monetary problem by capturing authentic orchestral strings sounds recorded in the best sonic environments.

So much so, the sound quality of some of these VSTs is indistinguishable from a real recording. Our list of the best strings VST encapsulates various recorded articulations (legato, staccato, etc), mic placements and individual patches for both solo and sectioned instruments to give your mix an authentic strings ambience. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Strings VST 2023

1) Heavyocity NOVO Modern Strings

A modern string library for serious music producers, Heavyocity’s NOVO Modern Strings was recorded at the coveted Warner Bros. Studios.

You can use these strings in almost any genre: from film scores, symphonic metal to EDM stompers. 

With over a staggering 21,254 samples recorded from sources such as a 50-piece orchestra and full bass and violin ensembles, NOVO Modern Strings is a phenomenal tool for audio engineers, professional and hobbyist music producers. 

2) Analog Strings

Output Analog Strings is an extensive strings repository replete with a 60-piece string orchestra, warm vintage analog synths, and a 22-piece orchestra, that can create some illustrious sounds and a playbale industry grade instrument.

Not to mention, over 500 presets and dozens of quirky and off-the-wall sounds such as plucked piano and guitar resonance make Analog Synths a solid choice for orchestral music production nerds.

All this and a sleek graphical user interface in Analog Strings offer a fast workflow so that you can tweak parameters for snazzy FX and rhythm patterns to craft your next symphonic masterpiece.

3) Zilhouette Strings

Zilhouette Strings is a digital collection of 7 violins, 2 basses and 2 violas that pretty much cover a vast swathe of warm analog sounds suitable for audio production in any genre.

Simplistic and easy to use, Zilhouette Strings comprises 3 different articulations for Shorts, Longs & Pizzicato

What’s more, you can also mix and blend several instruments together to create some really interesting custom sounds.

4) Vertigo Strings

A melange of 16 selected instruments, Cinematique Instruments’ Vertigo Strings is a massive collection of 15 pre-defined ensembles, 4 different violins, 2 celli, 1 arco viola, 2 upright basses, bowed guitar, vintage harmonium, synth string pad, and a rich string ensemble that guarantees a deep sonic experience. 

The GUI is pretty hands-on and makes for slick adjustments of parameters. Furthermore, Vertigo Strings comes with an assortment of violas, cellos, violins and basses whose articulations can each be individually tweaked.

5) Spitfire LABS (free)

free ableton plugins

Rounding up our list of strings VST is a free plugin called LABS. In essence, LABS is a comprehensive software suite that offers much more than a sweet string section. 

An offering by the world famous Spitfire, the strings available in LABS were recorded in London by a group of 14 reputed strings players. Give it a spin!

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