5+ Best Autotune VST Plugins in 2024

Having released the first iteration of its legendary pitch correction software in 1997, Antares has made a slew of updates to the Autotune plugin by making it sound more subtle and precise. However, now there are countless autotune plugins available on the market more than ever before. Our list of the best autotune VST focuses on some of the prominent plugins and unknown gems preferred by music producers and audio engineers.

You can use these plugins to alter vocals and correct out of tune notes easily. Some of the best Autotune VST plugins on our list can come in handy for producing vocals in genres such as trap, hip hop and pop where autotune is heavily used. Most of these plugins comprise a pitch detection algorithm with pitch-shifting algorithms working in tandem with each other. So, are you ready to find the best autotune plugins? Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Autotune VST Plugins 2024

1) Antares Auto Tune Pro

best autotune vst

The Autotune effect was originally developed and trademarked by Antares and continues to be dominated by the company in terms of features and usability.

Since its initial release in 1997, Autotune Pro has seen a slew of updates that have made it the definite auto tune effect plugin for legions of music producers across the world. 

Without a doubt, Autotune Pro remains the numero uno choice for both professional and hobbyist music producers to alter pitch of vocals, and other instruments via detailed transparent tuning.

2) Melodyne 5

Developed by Celemony, Melodyne 5 is a staple pitch correction and autotune plugin that is used predominantly in vocals, and guitar nowadays. Melodyne can edit notes in a clear and precise manner thanks to an intuitive and simple graphical interface.

Many music producers and sound engineers prefer Melodyne to tweak the pitch, dynamics, formants, and timing of the on-screen notes to reimagine vocals, guitar, piano, synth and other instruments right inside your DAW.

Melodyne 5 can even be used on guitar solos to get off notes or turn a half-step bend to a full-step bend and vice-versa. All in all, Melodyne 5 is one of the best autotune VST plugins on the market.

3) Logic Pro Flex Pitch

Flex Pitch comes with Logic Pro X software. Although it is free for logic pro X users, you will have to purchase Logic Pro X to be able to use it. This nifty stock plugin is phenomenally easy to use and can yield fantastic results whether you are editing your vocal, guitars, synth or even bass channel tracks.

The pitch correction that Flex Pitch offers is second to none and you can even automate volume, formants and adjust vibrato to have complete control of your vocal performances. 

4) The Mouth

Quite an interesting plugin, The Mouth can generate quirky melodies and harmonies out of any vocal or audio track that you feed into it. The Mouth 

Whether you’re a vocalist, beatboxer, lead guitarist, bassist or a synth player, you can channel your sounds into The Mouth and create some interesting tones that are unique and fun. 

Not to mention, The Mouth can do serious work as well such as pitch detection of incoming audio source, applying autotune to it and even transposing it into a set scale. Heck, you can even customize melodies from MIDI notes.

5) Waves OVox

Rounding up our list of the best autotune plugins is OVox by Waves. On the sound front, OVox one doesn’t disappoint one bit. An all-in-one suite for pitch correction, tuning, arpeggiating and harmonizing vocals, OVox can also be used to create vintage vocoder & talkbox effects. 

Its nifty Note Mapper features can easily work with chords, dual harmonies and scales so that you can render futuristic Daft Punk-esque robotic tones to your vocals.

What is Autotune?

Autotune is a digital software which alters the pitch of a vocalist’s voice in post-production or during a live performance in real-time. Autotune changes the speed of the vibration of a certain note to either increase or decrease the pitch. 

That is, it combines the pitch detection algorithm with pitch-shifting algorithms to make your off notes hit the right spot and sound “in key”.

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