5+ Best Chiptune VST Plugins in 2024

Chiptune music is all the rage nowadays. From memes to official game soundtracks, Chiptune is finding its due recognition. Producing Chiptune is not so easy unless you have a cache of chiptune VST plugins that can do the heavy work, that is, synthesis. However, finding the best Chiptune VST can take some. Luckily, we have made a list of some great sounding chiptune plugins that can emulate the legendary 80’s chirpy sounds that made Nintendo’s Mario a household name.

If you are an EDM musician, trap producer or music composer with a penchant for quirkiness in your songs, these Chiptune plugins will be of great help.So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Chiptune VST 2024

1) miniVERB

chiptune vst

Emulating the iconic sounds of 80s arcade game consoles and retro computers, MiniVERB is a lofi reverb and 8-bit/chiptune VST is a must have in your arsenal.

Early Chiptune composers of the 90’s had to resort to an archaic reverb tone by using a slapback echo that played a delayed version of the original sound to add depth to the spacey chiptune reverb.

miniVERB digitally recreates that same analog digital echo/reverb sound popularized by consoles such as the SNES and NES.

miniVERB further embellishes that sound with effects such as vibrato, crusher (bitcrusher, pitch shifter, downsampler) and 2 slick filters for further post and pre production.

2) miniBit

Touted as the best chiptune VST on the market, miniBIT is an 8-bit/chiptune style synthesizer plugin that carefully recreates the sound of 80s game consoles and classic games we have come to adore of the years.

miniBIT features a main oscillator with 18 waveforms as well as a tuneable square wave sub-oscillator and an 8-step sequencer that can help forge eclectic retro and glitchy sounds.

Aided by FX such as Delay, Bitcrusher and filter, miniBIT promises pure chiptune tones that range from ambient subs to snare-esque steps.

3) Stratum

Modelled on an amalgamation of a 4 operator FM synthesizer and analog Supersaw synthesizer, Stratum can create interesting retro-inspired sounds straddling genres such as 8-bit chiptunes, retrowave, synthwave, cinematic electronica, and the rest of it.

What’s more, Stratum features 2 low-pass filters, tube distortion circuit and a vocal formant filter controlled by a modulation matrix comprising an 8-step sequencer and 4 LFO’s with smooth mod wheel control.

For further sound mangling, Stratum comprises a nifty XY Pad that can mix in Wah Wah, Bit Crusher, and Dirty Phaser sounds to spruce up your mixes.

4) Fameboy

A classic drum synthesiser with original samples and advanced sequencing and sound-sculpting credentials, Fameboy is a full-fledged chiptune machine that can play retro, glitchy sounds with ease and grace.

As well as an immense potential for sound mangling, Famboy’s Master page houses a ton of effect controls that run the gamut from Saturation (Master Saturation), Crush (Bit Rate), Master EQ (Low, Low-Mid, High-MidHigh) to Width (Stereo Width), Comp (Threshold), Attack (Compressor Attack), Release (Compressor Release) and Release (Compressor Release) to name a few.

5) BitRate II & Monoboy

Rounding off our list of the best chiptune VST is BitRate II and Monoboy that can produce nostalgia-inducing drum sounds of the late 80s and early 90s. 

BitRate II’s sound engines cover lofi sampling, chipsounds, glitchy circuit bending and FM synthesis for retro digital synthesis and sampling.

Not to mention, a 5-track mixer and a master FX section comprising bus compressor, EQ, and a snazzy speaker simulator for extra lo-fi effect. 

On the other hand, MonoBoy’s comprises 2 Modulation sequences, 3 sound generator modes (arpeggiator, DM sampler, and Voice Controls), and a master FX section featuring state-of-the-art Bit Delay effect that is perfect for producing chiptune music.

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