5+ Best Drum Sequencer VST in 2023

A drum sequencer plugin is capable of driving the drum rack in many popular DAWs such as Ableton Live. You can also add Drum Sequencers to any instrument via MIDI out. However, finding the best drum sequencer VST is a painstaking endeavor. After all, there are hundreds of plugins strewn about on the internet.

So, how does one find a decent drum sequencer? By going through our list of the best drum sequencer VST plugins, of course! With these affordable plugins you can churn out groovy drum beats by the minute.

The beat creation potential is limitless thanks to intuitive programming tools such as per-channel time resolution, repeats and more. So, are you ready to find the some of the finest drum sequencers out there? Without further ado let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Drum Sequencer VST 2023

1) MDrummer

best drum sequencer VST

If you are looking for a full-fledged drum machine, look no further than MDrummer by MeldaProduction. Arranging drum tracks in real-time has never been so easy.

MDrummer can create acoustic drums, electric drums, and even add percussion and other similar effects per your whim. 

What’s more, you can add drumsets, tweak snare, kick drums in each drumset with in-depth sampling, and drum synthesis.

Whether you are producing a drum track for genres such as rock, r’n’b, jazz, drum ‘n’ bass, Salsa or progressive metal in weird time signatures, MDrummer is your go-to tool for mass beats production.

2) VPS Avenger

Black Metal Synth VST

Touted as one of the best drum sequencer VST on the market, Vengeance Sound’s VPS Avenger is a top-tier synth comprising 8 oscillators that house wavetables, classic analogue shapes, and tons of interesting samples.

Not to mention, a full-fledged drum machine and inbuilt drum sequencer that can help with mass beats creation.

Furthermore, each oscillator in VPS Avenger can be run through a combination of amps, filters, and arpeggiators of your choice as well as effects for creating varied tracks.

3) Microtonic

best drum sequencer vst

Sonic Charge’s Microtonic is an 8-channel drum and percussion synthesizer that comes with a nifty pattern based drum-machine engine which doesn’t rely on samples or pre-rendered waveforms.

Synced to the host (such as a MIDI controller), Microtonic can play drum sounds aplenty in real time configuration. 

You can also use inbuilt pattern engine of Microtonic to play drum patterns in sync with your sequencer.

4) Initial Slice

best drum sequencer vst

Initial Slice is a loop slicer and beat maker that comes with over 300 loops, 300 beat starters, and 160 drum samples.

These loops and samples come in handy for producers who want to be inspired by new ideas for beat creation.

Initial Slice can also load audio loops on its drag and drop interface and slice, pitch shift, loop, time stretch or reverse audio loops with remarkable precision.

What’s more, Initial Slice comprises a drum sequencer, bass sequencer, 4 effect racks (with 11 inbuilt effects) and multiple inbuilt piano roll editors for creating drum beat sequences on the fly for both beginner as well as professional music producers.  

5) Transfuser 2

best drum sequencer vst

Rounding up our list of the best drum sequencer VST is Transfuser 2, a dynamic audio/MIDI environment that can slice, mangle and remix your drum loops into something entirely new – from scratch!

For starters, Transfuser 2 comes with a premium drum library of over 3,200 loops and 1200 drum machine samples.

With Transfuser 2 at the helm, you can time-stretch sounds, slice beats and phrases, create and tweak grooves, do pitch corrections and randomize sequences on the go.

Not to mention, you can generate chord progressions, melodies, and variations based on the musical analysis of your mix track. 

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