5+ Best Free Soft Synth VST Plugins in 2023

Finding the best free soft synth VST for your music production endeavors can take a lot of time. There are hundreds of knock-offs available on the internet and scouring through long lists can get painstaking real quick.

For this reason alone, we collated this list of the best free soft Synth VST plugins that until a decade ago used to cost thousands of dollars but are now available for FREE! These free soft synths are renowned for their emulation of classic ambient pads and gigantic sub bass sounds.

You can simply throw these powerful synthesis tools into your DAW and start composing sublime music. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Free Soft Synth VST 2023

1) Dexed

Best Free Synth VST

Modelled after the legendary Yamaha DX7, Dexed is a massively popular free FM synth that is an authentic digital recreation of the original with all the classic sounds and functions. Suitable for beginners and professional producers alike, Dexed makes classic 6 operator FM synthesis of hardware synths very easy to understand and program.

All in all, if you want to dial-in ambient pads, aggressive distorted bass lines or percussive sounds such as mallets and tines, Dexed should definitely be on your radar.

2) u-He Tyrell N6

Best Free Synth VST plugins

Tyrell N6 by u-He is a solid freeware synth that can recreate the classic bold analog sound of yesteryears. With a massive preset library and nifty modulation matrix, Tyrell N6 ensures that producers of all hues get weapon grade synth to produce a ton of eclectic sounds.

What’s more, Tyrell N6 features an inbuilt overdrive, unison mode and loopable envelopes.

3) Helm

Best Free Synth VST

Helm is a formidable twin oscillator subtractive synth intrinsically built with beginners in mind. Helm gets the best of synthesis in a digital software plugin format thanks to its intuitive and logical GUI and clearly labelled parameters.

Within a few minutes of tweakage you can understand the basics of subtractive synthesis on Helm. Get on it!

4) TAL Noisemaker

Best Free Synth VST plugins

TAL’s Noisemaker is a simplistic synth devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles. Sporting a neat and streamlined graphical user interface, Noisemaker delivers a powerful synth sound. For starters, it comprises a ton of handy onboard effects including the likes of  bitcrusher, and a unique visual envelope editor as well as a compact, lightweight interface.

Perhaps the novelty factor is Noisemaker’s lush Chorus effect that is a digital recreation of the Roland’s Juno 60/106 analog polyphonic synthesizers.

5) VCV Rack

Best Free Synth VST

Rounding up our list of the best free soft synth VST is VCV Rack, a standalone synth that emulates pretty much all modules available for the Eurorack format. We are talking about gigantic racks of modular gear worth thousands of dollars. 

You can create your dream modular rig and custom patches with VCV Rack to recreate authentic modular experience right inside your DAW. All in all, a must have tool for virtual modular synth fiends.

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