5+ Free Choir VST Plugins in 2023

Looking for some great sounding free choir VST plugins? Your quest has come to an end. We have done a rundown of some of the finest free Choirs that can inject an element of human soul and expression into your tracks. 

These plugins will help you add choir vocals, gang chants and more into your music projects for completely free of cost. Here are the best free choir vst plugins to use with your favorite DAWs. Let’s dive right in.

5+ Free Choir VST 2023

1) Sonatina Choir

A nifty male and female choir plugin, Sonatina Choir is developed by Bigcat Instruments.  Sampled from both male and female choirs, Sonatina Choir boasts an exquisite repository of choir sounds that are hard to find elsewhere. What’s more, all the samples were picked from Sonatina’s Symphonic Orchestra sample library.

2) Alter Ego

Best Free Synth VST plugins

Alter/Ego by Plogue is a formidable real-time singing software synth based on the chip speech technology. Simply type in words or phrases and Alter/Ego will sing them back to you in unison.

If you are looking for easy and evocative vocal performances, Alter/Ego is hands down one of the best free choir vst out there. It is available on both Windows and Mac OS.

3) Virgin Choir VST

Sublime high pitched vocals breathe in new life thanks to Virgin Choir VST which is a nifty plugin that recreates professional sound variations of a female choir.

It comes with a sequencer mode, multiple Articulations, and key switching.  You can further tweak the vocals with velocity sensitivity adjustments for a more realistic feel. There is a Mac version of the plugin also made available on their Youtube channel.

4) Serenity

If you are looking for a free choir plugin to produce string pad and choir sounds, look no further than Serenity. For starters, it features LFOs, filters and the famed “Twin Etherify” effect. 

You might find sounds that resemble the flavors of old string or choir machines, but it is not meant to emulate them.

The free version of Serenity synthesizer has 3 voices, and up to 4 banks of patches. You can also expect to find vintage sounds that resemble the old string and choir machines.

5) The Free Orchestra

Rounding up our list of the best free choir VST plugins is the Free Orchestra plugin. Emanating from ProjectSAM’s acclaimed sound libraries, you can find up to 1 GB of free vocal choirs sounds suitable for cinema scores.

The Free Orchestra boasts everything that runs the gamut from orchestral string staccatos to symphonic percussion. Not to mention, the Luminous Chorus wherein the choir’s lush warm swells are performed by 6 tenors, 6 altos, and 6 basses.

Please note that The Free Orchestra runs on the free Kontakt Player 6.2.1 and upwards.

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