5+ Best Mellotron VST Plugins 2023

Mellotron is a distinct piano-like instrument with a warm recognizable sound that was used in popular rock tracks of the 1960s and 70s. Strawberry Fields by the Beatles or David Bowie’s ““Space Oddity” are some of the songs where a Mellotron was used in. Not to mention, the legendary 1995 smash hit, Wonderwall by Oasis which has a great Mellotron sound going on in the verse and Chorus section. While a hardware Mellotron is ridiculously expensive, some of the best Mellotron VST plugins are relatively affordable.

These plugins can recreate authentic sounds of analog mellotrons that are warm and beautifully mellow. So, are you ready to find out the best mellotron VST for your music compositions? Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Best Mellotron VST 2023

1) Mellotron

best mellotron vst

Modelled on the legendary tape sample keyboard machine that was a staple of some of the greatest classic Rock albums, Mellotron boasts over 30 factory presets, 6 Tape sets that include the orginal’s Choir, Flute and Strings tape samples.

Each of these tape sets can be channeled via “Dirty” and “Cleaned” versions of the original tapes that perfectly capture the vintage vibe of Mellotron.

Not to mention, you can add a ton of world class audio effects ranging from Compressor, a simplistic 4 Band EQ, Spring Reverb, Delay, for a clean and splendid Mellotron sound.

All in all, if you want to throw in some mellotron with warm analg vibes in your mix, Mellotron is a good choice.

2) Mellotron V

best mellotron vst

If you are looking for a nifty plugin that emulates the legendary sounds of mellotrons ranging from the likes of Mellotron MK1 to M400, then Arturia’s Mellotron V is worth its weight in gold.

Sporting a quirky vintage-esque simple interface, Mellotron V gives you precision based control over every sonic articulation such as hiss and flutter.

You can also load your own samples or customize existing samples as per taste.

What’s more, a melange of slick FX emanating from the guitar pedalboard and 2 powerful amplifiers make Mellotron V one of the best mellotron VST plugins on the market.

3) Mello

best mellotron vst

Muze’s awesome Kontakt Instrument Mello dives deep into the mellotron realm with ultra realistic sounds galore.

For starters, Mello is modelled on the classic Mellotron M400 and offers a unique voice.

Mello comes bundled with a massive library of premixed multi-channel samples replete with a drag-and-drop intuitive interface where you can customize per taste.

Mello offers rich mellotron sound crafting potential for a number of genres including Rock, Pop, RnB and Hip Hop thanks to its 230+ classic and hybrid presets.

With a total of 4254 compessed samples, Leslie speaker effect, 30 inbuilt effects such as Compressor, gainer, limiter, 4-band EQ, reverb, distortion, tape saturator, delay, etc. Mello makes creating warm and lush analog sounds a breeze.

4) Tapes M400

best mellotron vst

At first glance, it becomes evidently clear that the Tapes M400 is chromatically sampled from the Mellotron M400, which was one of the earliest mellotron models in the golden 1970’s.

Just like the analog M400, Tapes M400 also features 3 iconic components of the orignal: Strings, Choir and Flutes. Not to mention, 11 different types of cabinets, and effects such as Chorus, Rotator, Tape Delay, and Reverb, to name a few.

With over 105 samples, decent sound library (280 Mb), Tapes M400 boasts a user-friendly GUI, and inbuilt effects that can create authentic orchestral sound reminiscent of pristine cinematic scores.

5) Newmello

best mellotron vst

Rounding up our list of the best mellotron VST plugins is Newmello by Wavesfactory that emulates the legendary Mellotron M400.

Newmello boasts over 75 patches that can be channeled via 2 tape decks that perfectly capture the vintage vibe of the M400.

Not to mention, a simplistic tilt EQ, attack and release control for a clean and splendid sound. If you want to throw in some mellotron with warm analog vibes in your mix, Newmello is a good choice.

 All together, if you are looking for a solid Mellotron VST that can add warm 60’s flair to your rock, funk, pop or EDM tracks, look no further than the Newmello. 

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