5+ Free Chiptune VST Plugins in 2023

Producing chiptune music requires the right kind of audio plugins. If you are on a tight budget and still want some great retro tones, then this list of free chiptune VST will take care of your woes.

We scoured the web to find these free chiptune vst synths that can craft low-bit style sounds similar to what Atari, Game Boy, and the NES make: from sound effects to percussion, these chiptune plugins have everything covered. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5+ Free Chiptune VST 2023


NES or Nintendo Entertainment System, emulates the 8-bit sounds of the Nintendo staying true to the specs of the 2A03 chip. This comprehensive NES emulator pack comprises 3 different plugins, namely: NESTri for creating triangle waves, NESPulse for creating pulse waves and NESNoise for creating pure white noise.

When combined, these 3 plugins can recreate the original classic sounds of the NES console.

2) 38911 Bytes

Sporting a vintage graphical user interface with old-school ethos, 38911 Bytes by Odo Synths is an emulation of Commodore 64’s iconic sounds. 

Comprising a single oscillator, and 4×16 step sequencers with 11 distinct BPM rates, 38911 Bytes is a decent free chiptune VST that can produce some exciting chiptune sounds. What’s more, it comes with multiple waveforms such as  Pulse, Triangle, Saw, and Pitched Noise.

3) ymVST

Emulating the Atari YM2149, ymVST is a nice throwback to retro  old-school sound with warm tones perfect for chiptune music.

For starters, ymVST sports a streamlined pixel theme interface that gels well with the sounds that it can create. Please note that you will have to load up four instances of the plug-in to recreate all the channels of the four-channel chip to hear the iconic YM2149 in full effect.

4) pooBoy 2

Modelled on the sounds of the original Game Boy, pooBoy 2 is a quirky plugin that sports a retro GUI look but has some serious sound mangling potential.


Rounding up our list of free Chiptune VST is PULS, a Monophonic pulse wave synth with a minimalistic graphical user interface. Although comprising only 32 buttons PULS can definitely be tweaked to dial-in some interesting tones. 

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