5+ Best Ableton Plugins in 2024

Ableton is a renowned DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) known for its seamless workflow and a staggering array of functionalities. Hence, many music producers (both new and experienced alike) are drawn to it. While Ableton Live’s stock plugins are good, you can achieve much more with some of the best Ableton plugins on the market to boost your creativity and derive new musical ideas. 

We have done a rundown of some of the best Ableton plugins that will help you enhance your audio production workflows. These plugins are also compatible with all the stock plugins found in Ableton Live. So, without further ado let’s get started. 

5+ Best Ableton Plugins 2024

1) Fab Filter Saturn

While the stock Ableton Saturator is alright for adding a little warmth and distortion to your tracks, Fab Filter Saturn is a formidable saturator that offers much more flexibility and firepower.

Saturn is a distortion and multiband saturation plugin that was designed with versatile modulation routing technology so that producers can intricately saturate audio signals down to the finest detail.

Fab Filter Saturn can be used for adding sound decapitation or subtle tape saturation in your tracks by choosing from over 16 distortion and saturation options.

2) Omnisphere 2

Modelled on a variety of sampled synthesizers, Omnisphere 2 packs in 58 effects and over 12,000 presets with a 64GB sample library. That’s a hell lot of options for soundscaping. But, there’s more in the offing.

In essence, you can create every conceivable synthesizer sound with Omnisphere 2 at the helm.

Not just sampled acoustic instruments but, Omnisphere 2 also features a comprehensive list of modulation effects, filters, wavetables, granular, and FM with phenomenal bandwidth.

Further, with nifty features such as Unison Drift, you can create slight pitch fluctuations by emulating an analog synth.

3) Spire (reveal Sound)

With Spire’s 4 oscillators at your disposal as well as tons of effects, you can craft some immaculate synth sounds.

Spire comes with an integrated mixing and mastering section where you can sculpt the sound for your final mix tracks. 

For starters, Spire features a clean and intuitive GUI making it one of the best Ableton plugins for both beginners and professionals alike, especially electronic music producers.

4) Antares Auto-Tune

A popular plugin in the realm of autotune, Antares is the first company that invented the famous autotune effect that we know about today. 

Antares’ Autotune is famous particularly for its subtle vocal pitch correction ability and is unsurprisingly preferred by producers across several genres of music nowadays. This great plugin offers both real-time and automatic pitch correction.

However, nowadays Antares Autotune can be used on a variety of instruments to replicate far more diverse effects than mere pitch correction.

What’s more, you can even correct instrument pitch in offline mode. A lot of modern trap and hip hop hits that you hear on streaming services such as Spotify and Soundcloud feature usage of Antares Autotune effect. 

5) iZotope Ozone 11

Rounding up our list of the best Ableton plugins is Ozone 11 by iZotope.

It is a mastering suite that features functionalities such as Master Assistant and Master Rebalance which helps in enhancing or attenuating the vocal and drum frequencies in the mix track. 

Ozone 11 also comes in handy for sculpting the stereo image and boosting dynamics of your mix and master tracks so that they sound like professionally created audio tracks.

The graphical user interface is spic and span and features in-depth parameter controls and is fully scalable as per user’s requirements.

All in all, Ozone 11 holds its own against an array of other mastering tools such as multiband compressor, exciter, multiband limiter, dynamic equalizer and stereo imagers, thanks to its state-of-the-art features.

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